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Be confident in your edited document

Sometimes you might need help finding the right words for a particular point, sometimes you might want reassurance that a lawyer has looked over your document before you sign.

With our Review Service, a lawyer conducts a detailed assessment of your document, reporting back to you if any changes or additions have legal implications.

We also:

  • answer questions about how to word a particular point
  • check that your use of defined terms is correct and consistent
  • correct spelling mistakes
  • reformat the document
How the Review Service Works
Edit the document as fully as possible. Ask questions and add notes or comments to our legal team within the text.
Send the document to us - either by uploading it through our website or by e-mailing it.
We’ll ask for more information if we need it.
We return your reviewed document ready to sign.
203 Reviews
Great Service
I chose Net Lawman from a Google search and I am pleased that I did. The response time from start to finish was very efficient, the advice given was tailored to my specific needs and the editing process straightforward. The service was very good value for money compared to employing a legal representative to prepare the document. I will definitely be using again in the future.
Siobhan Downer
Great Service
Efficient service, thoroughly recommend
Catherine Mumby
Great Service
We needed assistance with some Terms & Conditions for our website. We utilised this template as well as another one to ensure we covered all bases. To ensure we had everything covered we utilised their online legal service. It was easy and now we feel much more comfortable with the information we have linked to our website. The assistance was quick, easy and really helpful. Would definelty recommend to future proof your business
Jodi Brett
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