Completed and customised for you

This service gives you professional help from an experienced solicitor to complete and customise our documents to suit your exact requirements.

We charge a fixed-fee in advance so that the cost of the service is transparent.

On the following page we ask you about your requirements. We read your requirements carefully and may ask you to clarify some things.

We then provide you with a quotation based on the complexity of the work and the amount of time we believe we need to spend on it.

If you ask us to work for you:

  • Using your instructions, we adapt and complete the most suitable document in our library to meet your requirements
  • We deliver the amended document to you showing the changes that have been made
  • You may then use the document

If you decide you need further changes to be made, we are happy to make them for an additional fixed payment for that work.

Although we carry out the drafting for you, we do not provide legal advice as part of this service (since we are not a firm of solicitors).