Club rules and constitution

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Comprehensive terms and conditions, or rules for any type of unincorporated association, members' group, club or lobby group where there is no property and no alcohol licence.
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About this document

It is necessary to prepare a Memorandum of Association and the Rules and regulations regulating the management of the Society; we have drawn both the documents to provide you with a ready reckoner / check list; Just find seven persons to fill their names in and the doc is ready to be filed with the Registrar of Societies;

Kindly note, however, that both documents (IN-CPcl01/ IN-CPart04) are mandatory requirement for filing in respect of registration of a Society. You have to therefore, consider purchasing both the above documents together as any one of them is incomplete without the other.

Who will use these documents?

Any group of persons seeking to form a Society for religious, educational or charitable purposes.

Application and features

  • Explanatory notes guide you to make best use of the document as drawn or to carry out changes to suit peculiar requirement;
  • Very comprehensive, precise and brief;
  • Suitable for any size, purpose and objective leading to formation of society;
  • Very specific to formation of an unincorporated society;
  • Trustees to manage the property of the society.


  • Name of Society;
  • Objects of society;
  • Details of members;
  • Election of Governing body;
  • Membership;
  • Administration and Bank Accounts;
  • Audit of accounts;
  • General meetings;
  • Alteration of rules;
  • Trustees to manage properties of society;
  • Appointment of trustees;
  • Dissolution.
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13 August 2022
The draft document provided an invaluable starting point for our requirements. It enabled us to rely on every point being covered and was easy to edit. Far easier than trying to include everything when starting from scratch.
The price was modest too, excellent value.
Highly recommended. This is our "go to" site from now for legal drafts.
Keith Collingwood
Review of the United Kingdom version
28 March 2021
This document is very good value and is just what we needed. We wanted to establish a formal basis for our association, but can’t afford to spend too much. This document gave us a modifiable template which we have adjusted to suit our requirements, written in terms that are easy to understand, and has helpful guidance notes at the end. Thank you for great service, Netlawman.
Jeanne-Marie Richards
Review of the United Kingdom version
06 October 2019
This is my second template. The first was up to expectations in all respects, as was this one.
Simple process to aquire, and easy to format into the finished doc.
I have no suggestions on anything that needs changing.
John H
John Hutchinson
Review of the South African version
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