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A Private Trust can be formed by executing the deed that we have drawn that goes on to document the establishment of the Trust without the assistance of an attorney.
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About this document

This Template of “Deed of Private Trust” is suitable to form a Private Trust by a Settlor who wishes to bring in place a method by which to maintain his wife besides minor and unmarried children by way of formation of a Private Trust with minimum two and upto to five trustees who will be conferred powers to run and manage the private trust.

A Private Trust can be formed by executing the deed that we have drawn and which goes on to document the establishment of the Private Trust without the assistance of an attorney;

Stamp Duty on establishment of Trust varies from State to State in India and is payable as per the state's (where the trust is formed and registered) Stamp act. Kindly find out and obtain information about the applicable stamp duty on the date of execution from the local sub-registrar’s office.

Application and features

  • The document template is suitable for use in every State of India and provides for wide discretion in the exercise of powers to the Trustees.
  • Drawn in plain, user friendly English language;
  • Invaluable user notes to guide you through to successful execution;
  • Very comprehensive, covering all required legal provisions;
  • Suitable for establishment of any size Trust;


  • Formation of Trust;
  • Trust Fund;
  • Beneficiaries of Trust;
  • Powers of Trustees;
  • Responsibilities and liabilities of the Trustees;
  • Duties of the Trustees;
  • Retirement of Trustees;
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