Company incorporation and formation documents

Use these company incorporation documents to form a new company, or to structure an existing business (such as a partnership) as a company. Incorporation has a number of advantages: the structure limits the liability of the owners for losses to the amount of capital in the business; use of shares allows for more flexible ownership, encouraging investment; and tax rates may be more favourable.


    Agreement to adopt a preliminary company formation agreement

    A checklist and prompt sheet for the set up of your new company. Ensure you have properly registered, appointed the correct people, filled-in paperwork sufficiently and more.

    Incorporation agreement: structure a business partnership as a company

    Company and partnership law requires that a business is transferred from one set up to anothert in a certain format, using very specific documents - this is the document you need to change your partnership to an Indian company.

    Business transfer agreement: incorporation of a sole trader or partnership to a company

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    Comprehensive agreement similar to the other business sale agreements, however, this document provides specifically for matters which will arise when selling to your own company

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