Guarantee and indemnity agreements

Use one of these guarantee agreements to supplement an existing contract with assurance that certain conditions will be met. Indemnity agreements provides assurance that one party will compensate another if conditions are not met. Our documents allow for different parties to join the contract, whether an individual giving a personal guarantee or a company indemnifying its performance, or a group company guaranteeing the contract of a parent.


    Guarantee of contract performance

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    Simple agreement where guarantor steps in to guarantee performance of any contract. Example contractor has problems; other party refuses payment or threatens to sue. Guarantor "rescues" first party by guaranteeing performance of the contract. Original contract is referenced, so remains unchanged. Applicable to any situation. Very easy way to record re-arrangement of a deal.

    Guarantee of contract debt OR Deed of guarantee of loan

    7 Reviews

    Simple agreement where guarantor steps into guarantee payment of a debt. One party has money problems. The other party refuses credit or refuses to continue his own contractual obligations. Guarantor "rescues" the first party by guaranteeing payment. Applicable to any situation where money is owed. Optional new terms suggested.

    Deed of inter-company cross guarantee

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    Professionally drawn cross guarantee for use by a company which seeks extra security before entering into a contract with a counter party. You have arranged for some other company or individual to guarantee performance of the contract by your counter party. Use at commencement of a new original contract or supplemental to an existing one. Option for changes to terms of main agreement. Strong legal protection. Applicable to any situation.

    Deed of inter-group guarantee of loan

    Professionally drawn cross guarantee to benefit a lender or other counter party dealing with to one or more members of a group of companies (or associated individuals). Each member of the group guarantees one or more loans or contracts made by one or more of the others. Could be at start of a new original contract or supplemental to an existing one. Option for changes to terms of main agreement. Strong protection for lender / counter party. Applicable to any situation.

    Deed of indemnity for guarantee

    Professionally drawn, very short agreement to enable a guarantor to impose a legal obligation on the person he has guaranteed, to repay him if the guarantee is called.

    Personal guarantee of company debt

    2 Reviews

    This personal guarantee is the equivalent of the "PG" your bank might ask you to sign when storm clouds gather around your company. It is for use in any situation requiring an individual to guarantee the debt of a company, but most usually when the guarantor is a director. Applicable to any situation where money is owed. Suitable for use by lender or guarantor as it provides a wide range of options to produce a final version with high or very high level of lender security.

    Indemnity for lost life insurance policy

    Our document conforms to the administrative requirement of submitting the Indemnity in the event of loss/misplacement of a Life Insurance Policy by the Life Insured.

    Hold harmless and indemnity agreement

    This is an indemnity agreement between any two individuals or businesses. The agreement seeks to absolve one party from any liability or risk caused by the other party. Put another way, an indemnity agreement governs who pays for damage or loss.

    Non solicitation agreement

    4 Reviews

    This is a comprehensive non-solicitation agreement between a contractor and a business owner providing limitations on the extent to which the contractor may solicit the employer's clients or customers.

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