Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

Last updated: December 2020 | 2 min read

Brief Introduction:

It is actually Internet communication that has made Globalization a common concept and which is here to stay. Sending a complete file in electronic form across to another continent is as good as handing it over to a colleague on the next table or in the next cabin.

Business, knowledge and Legal Outsourcing:

First Business Process Outsourcing and now Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Legal Process Outsourcing are the big wave, which may sweep and change the concept of future business in the offshore outsourcing sector.

Indian Lawyer capabilities:

Indian lawyers possess the relevant skills and understanding for taking over complete document management of law offices in USA. The peculiar legal assignments that are landing in here from law offices and small business are legal documents reviewing and drafting, legal research, letter writing, deposition summaries, drafting of pleadings and motions.

Many Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing legal work to highly qualified, English-speaking attorneys in India. Outsourcing to India gives them the clear competitive advantage in terms of cost, quality and turnaround time. Due to the time-zone difference, nighttime in the US is daytime in India, which means that their projects get 24-hour attention, and some urgent projects are completed overnight!

Those who have taken the initiative of outsourcing legal work to India have achieved remarkable cost efficiencies as well as a hassle free transition, excellent productivity and quality output. By hiring India-based attorneys, companies and law firms in USA are able to take advantage of the large wage disparity between Indian attorneys and their U.S. counterparts.

Law graduates in India, who have practiced law for at least three years, are at least as capable of providing high quality legal writing as their United States' counterparts.With outstanding ability to learn and perform, lawyers in India can be believed and trusted for information integrity and absolute confidentiality. The end result is a significant increase in productivity that reflects in customer delight for clients, who outsource their work to India.There is enormous potential and some reports estimate a billion dollars business opportunity for lawyers in India.

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