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Use this agreement to buy or sell any limited company in a straight forward cash deal with no retention or conditional payment. It is suitable for any size of company, working in any industry. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, this should suit you well. The company owns no real property. The warranties are extensive, but straight forward. They protect the buyer fully. Use this template when negotiating terms and as a final sale contract. Disclosure letter layout included.
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About this document

Note: All Net Lawman company documents provide compliance with the Companies Act 2013.

This document has been drawn for a simple sale and purchase of a limited company. It has been drawn primarily to protect the buyer, but a seller could take advantage by submitting an edited version to his buyer.

There are no extras here: no real property, no conditional payment nor withholding of part payment. The company has no subsidiaries.

You can use this document to buy a private company of any value in any business.

If your deal is more complicated you can use the table below to choose a different template. This template is suitable for all types of business. You can use it to buy anything from a car dealership to a civil engineering company.

 Company or GroupAll Shares Bought/SoldFuture Profit GuaranteePart payment in sharesPrice for target profitRetention of part cashFull WarrantiesCo owns real property
IN-CPcsl01CompanyYes3 YearsYesYesYesYesYes

In addition we also provide an example disclosure letter in this pack. We have provided a format as an indication of how a disclosure letter works and a style you could use. The detailed wording is up to you but can be added easily.

A word about warranties:

We have also included warranties. Warranties protect the interest of the buyer, who does not have the information available to the seller. It is fair and reasonable for a buyer to demand warranties and for a seller to give them. However, it is quite easy for a buyer to use warranties to "improve" his original deal. So, if you are a seller, do not give a warranty if you do not know whether it is true, but do be prepared to "go and find out" information that could be within your knowledge.

The 71 individual warranties are in sections relating to:

  • General
  • No damaging effect of this agreement
  • Company structure and operation
  • Accounts
  • Taxation
  • Assets
  • Trading and contracts
  • Employment
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Information technology ("IT")

Key features are:

  • This agreement is suitable for any type of trade or business;
  • Drawn for the deal to be completed on the same day, not at some future time;
  • Suitable for a single company of any size;
  • Limited warranties (unlike the others in this set);

Other similar templates

We also have:


  • Agreement for sale
  • Purchase price and how made up
  • Completion of the deal and delivery of documents
  • Warranties applicability
  • The warranties
  • Trustees limited Warranties
  • Restrictive agreement to prevent sellers from competing afresh;
  • Sellers protection provisions;
  • Buyer acknowledgement of inspection
  • Guarantee provisions
  • Various legal provisions usual in a document of this type
  • Shareholdings
  • The warranties
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28 April 2021
Very fast and efficient service. From start to finish there was great communication.
Tamara Weldon
Review of the Ireland version
22 November 2013
Sergei Golubev
Review of the Australian version
16 September 2019
Formed a great basis for the transaction. The guidance notes could have given rather more detail not only what could be put in, but more importantly explaining various clauses and what need not be included according to different circumstances.
Nicholas Bent
Review of the United Kingdom version
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