Business sale agreements

We offer a large range of business sale agreements, some customised for the sale of particular types of business. In selecting an agreement, the size and structure of the business should be more of a consideration than the products or services sold. Whether the business comprises one man working from home or a group of companies employing hundreds of staff worldwide, you should be able to find a sale agreement to suit.


    Business sale agreement: any business

    12 Reviews

    Business sale agreement; modern, full version; inc transfer of leasehold or freehold property; with stock, e-commerce facility, menu of 120 warranties; suitable almost any type of business.

    Business sale agreement: restaurant; pub or bar

    2 Reviews

    Restaurant, pub or entertainment sale and purchase agt document a modern and full version with warranty menu of 120 items, includes leasehold transfer and freehold agreement for sale.

    Business sale agreement: cafe or sandwich shop

    Café or sandwich shop business sale and purchase agreement: full version suitable for business of any value, provision for leasehold property transfer and many other features.

    Business sale agreement: takeaway food retailer

    1 Review

    Hot food takeaway business purchase agreement: comprehensive document covering stock, transfer of lease, website, full warranties, single or multiple outlets.

    Business sale agreement: motor repair garage or service station

    1 Review

    Purchase agreement for business of car / motor vehicle / plant / engineering, service, repairs. Includes for property and staff to be transferred.

    Business sale agreement: Internet-based services provider

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy an Internet service provider business of any sort, with freehold or leasehold premises in any location. Large menu of warranties

    Business sale agreement: Internet-based services provider; home based

    3 Reviews

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy a B2B or B2C Internet service business, with no premises / work from home. Large menu of warranties!

    Sale agreement: building & construction business

    1 Review

    Business purchase agreement for property industry sales and service business, many options including transfer of freehold or leasehold property.

    Sale agreement: manufacturing business

    1 Review

    Purchase agreement for any manufacturing business. Includes for leasehold or freehold property transfer, staff and e-commerce.

    Sale agreement: trading or retail business

    4 Reviews

    Full version business purchase agreement template for a wholesale or retail business, many options Inc e-commerce and contracts for freehold or leasehold property.

    Sale agreement: home based trading business

    5 Reviews

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy a home based Internet trading business selling goods of any description: no unnecessary verbiage, menu of suitable warranties.

    Business sale agreement: sports coach or personal trainer

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy a home based personal service business providing non-Internet services: example: sports coach or physiotherapist. Menu of suitable warranties

    Business sale agreement: professional service provider

    1 Review

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy any business providing professional or personal services: business up to any size, with leasehold premises in any location. Large menu of warranties.

    Website sale and purchase agreement

    2 Reviews

    Use this comprehensive agreement to buy a website, complete, but not yet trading. Large menu of warranties

    Agreement for sale of business: short version

    This document is for addressing an arrangement pertaining to sale of a business between two Companies. The business is a going concern with property and assets;

    Purchase of business assets or hive-down

    2 Reviews

    The essence of this agreement is that seller gives no warranties so the buyer has little protection. What he sees is what he gets. The reason for the sale is not relevant.
    The document is not the sale of a business as a going concern but of assets in a "break-up" situation.

    For example, it might be used to sell:

    • plant and equipment
    • intellectual property such as a customer list or copyright
    • stock

    Examples of use might be:

    • for a “hive-down” or any other sale by a liquidator or administrator or trustee in bankruptcy
    • a private sale where the seller will not give any warranty
    • to record an inter-company transfer within a group of companies - to distribute profit where you want it to arise or where a subsidiary is merging with its holding company.
    • where a business owner is closing a business

    Purchase of used plant or other physical assets

    Use this agreement to buy or sell second hand plant, machinery or equipment.
    This is for a one-off sale where seller is off-loading surplus assets and will give only limited warranties. It deals largely with making sure buyer obtains good tile and proper arrangements are made for payment and transfer of the plant to the buyer.

    The document includes:

    • limited warranties as to merchantability and product quality but full transfer of title
    • provision for payment options, including by letter of credit
    • provision for delivery, transportation, including abroad
    • retention of title for incomplete payment
    • a list of accompanying documents, supporting software and other associated parts

    Takeover agreement: by transfer of company shares

    The document is well suited for addressing the concept of taking over a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 by transfer of shares; this is not for amalgamation or a merger.

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