Contract cancellation and variation agreements

You may need a contract cancellation agreement because circumstances have changed or simply that it is time to terminate. More often, you may need simply to change some contract terms with a contract variation agreement. Our cancellation agreements and variation agreements are an easy solution to ending or changing a contract and suit most circumstances.


    Mutual cancellation of contract agreement

    3 Reviews

    This is a simple agreement to cancel any legal contract and avoid claims being made by either party against the other, in the future.

    Variation of contract agreement

    5 Reviews

    Change the terms of a legal contract using this variation agreement. Using this document, you can insert, delete and amend words, paragraphs and clauses or renumber existing paragraphs.

    Agreement to extend contract performance date

    Sometimes, delays are inevitable. Use this simple agreement to extend the performance / end date of any fixed term contract in writing so there can be no claims made in the future due to simple misunderstandings.

    Settlement agreement: goods and services

    Simple agreement to negotiate the terms on which a supplier will accept part payment in acknowledgement of the delivery of faulty goods or services. Suitable only for use between businesses.

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