Completing our documents

The following are frequently asked questions relating to completing a Net Lawman document. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Will I understand what to edit in the document?

Yes. Our guidance notes should guide you as to what you should and shouldn't edit. Generally, the changes you need to make tend to be either choices to include or exclude whole sentences or paragraphs, or places where you need to insert text. Our guidance notes describe the options you have as to whether or not to include sections of text. We also tell you which sections you shouldn't change. So that you don't miss where you need to insert text, we highlight places that need insertions (such as names) in blue or red so that they are obvious.

Do I need knowledge of the law to be able to edit the document?

You don't need prior knowledge of the law to edit our documents. Where there is a legal consideration, our guidance notes explain the options to you.

For many documents, the technical (legal) complexity of a document doesn’t affect the ease of completion, simply because there tend to be fewer options where the law is prescriptive. Where there are choices to be made, they tend to be commercial or practical and not related to the law. In ‘law heavy’ documents, we advise not to change much of the content.

Can I add my own terms to a document?

We aim to provide documents that don't require you to add further 'legal' paragraphs or clauses. However, there may be situations where you want to add to a document. If you do so, we would advise you to have the amended document checked by a solicitor. It is easy to add something that unintentionally alters the meaning or effect of another paragraph. Net Lawman also offers a document checking service.

I want a short, simple contract. Can I cut the size of the contract down?

You are free to change the document in any way, which includes removing paragraphs in order to shorten it. However, by doing so you might reduce the legal effect of the document and disadvantage yourself. Our guidance notes tell you which sentences and paragraphs you can safely delete, and the consequences of doing so. We are expert draftsmen, and everything in our documents is included for a purpose, usually to protect you (our customer) or give you an advantage. We dislike long documents ourselves, but sometimes, paragraphs are indispensible.

The writing style seems informal for a legal document. Shouldn’t it be more legalistic?

Our use of plain language in no way detracts from the legal validity of any document. Clear communication of the agreement depends on all parties understanding that what is written is also what has been agreed.

You may be interested in reading why plain English is important in law.

Can Net Lawman help me customise a document?

Yes. Customisation of our documents is a service we offer. See our contract drafting service.

What support do you give after I have bought?

We provide limited free support after you have bought a document. We recommend that you contact us with your question. We're happy to answer simple questions that take less than ten minutes to answer. If you have a more complex question, we may ask that you use our contract drafting service.

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