Sales agency agreements

The role of sales agents varies greatly. At their most basic, sales agency agreements cover commission payments on sales generated by the agent. More complex arrangements may include the agent marketing the product or service, warehousing and distribution, and payment collection.


    Sales and marketing agent agreement

    A comprehensive sales agency agreement for the sale of any services

    Sales agency agreement: sale of services

    9 Reviews

    A comprehensive sales agency agreement for the sale of any service.

    Sales agency agreement: sale of goods; principal delivers

    10 Reviews

    This is the standard agreement for a business selling goods of any type, who uses agents as a sales team and delivers goods direct, not through the agent.

    Export marketing agency agreement: sale of goods; agent carries stock

    3 Reviews

    An export marketing agency contract for use by a business selling goods outside the Republic of India. Agent holds stock of your product and handles all matters of importation and local regulation. Option for him to collect cash and bank it locally. This is a very full agreement with many options to appoint a corporate agent anywhere.

    Distribution agreement: sale of goods, full version, merchant side

    6 Reviews

    A practical distribution agreement whereby a merchant or manufacturer appoints a distributor who buys the goods and re-sells on his own account at home or abroad. Very full agreement with many options to suit your exact need and equally extensive drafting notes. Favours merchant but can be edited easily to favour distributor.

    Introducer agreement

    4 Reviews

    This agreement sets out the terms between an introducer and a business, where the introducer will scout, solicit, introduce and refer new clients and generate new business for your business. It grants no rights to the introducer to sell the goods or services.

    Resident representative appointment agreement

    This document has been drawn to help settle terms and conditions for engaging the services of a Resident Representative outside an employment arrangement to address the peculiarities of a manufacturing business marketing its products in domestic and international market;

    Master fee protection agreement (FPA)

    The Master Fee Protection Agreement helps protect the interests of the Intermediary in a transaction

    Sale or return, retailer carries stock and pays as sold

    5 Reviews

    A sale or return agreement for a deal between a trader or manufacturer on the one hand and a retailer. The retailer may have shops or he could run events or shows, temporary or permanent. The retailer will hold your stock and account to you as you require for sales in the previous period.

    Import contract: importer is also local distributor

    Standard terms and conditons of imporat for any goods into India, from any worldwide location

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