Services agreements

Service agreements describe any contract where services are provided by one party to another. As such, they cover a wide range of uses. We offer types of service contracts in other categories on this site. In contrast to those, the ones here are those that might be accepted by the client offline as much as online, where the provider is operating through a company.


    Security services contract

    4 Reviews

    This agreement is useful for both, the security service provider and to the client (which may be an industrial unit, shopping center, hospital, residential society, school or any other organisations) on payment of agreed fee and the client who wishes to engage the security agency for the security of its industrial or institutional premises.

    Recruitment agency agreement

    Standard, non negotiable terms and conditons for any Indian recruitment agency or recruitment consultant

    Advertising agency agreement

    This is a standard terms and conditons agreement drawn specifically for an advertising agency. It includes industry specific terms which will protect the agent's interests, renting advertising space on a wall, building, bill board or roof space.

    Art gallery exhibition agreement

    This is a standard terms and conditons document for an Art Gallery (online or otherwise), entering into arrangement with artists of any kind for the display their artwork for purposes of display, sale or lease.

    Distribution agreement: appointment of a dealer

    The main object of this document is to formalize the establishment of a relationship between a Company and dealer for the retail sale of Company's products including parts and accessories and to specify the responsibilities and obligations of the parties in the commercial non-exclusive arrangement;

    Terms of business for Canadian immigration consultants

    Comprehensive terms and conditions for a Canadian Immigration agency or consultancy, practising in India, advising Indian citizens on how best to migrate to Canada. Suitable for posting on a website or to be signed by the client in traditional form.

    Terms for a scaffolding and shuttering hire business

    Standard, non negotiable terms and conditions for any business which hires out shuttering and scaffolding equipment to other businesses

    Contract catering agreement

    Professional terms and conditions for an individual or company caterer, providing a standard form of quotation detailing the client's precise requirements. Ideal for use for weddings, parties, corporate functions and all other events.

    Tour operator: terms and conditions

    7 Reviews

    Comprehensive terms and conditions template for a travel company or tour operator where clients organise their own flights and travel to the meeting point. It can be easily customised to your precise requirements, whether you offer walking tours around India, weekend ski breaks in Europe or much longer holidays further afield.

    Project marketing consultancy agreement

    This document is for use by a marketing consultant providing any marketing consultancy service to a construction company. Comprehensive and easy to edit, use for a single service or turnkey instruction.

    Bookkeeping services agreement

    3 Reviews

    This is a comprehensive agreement between a company providing bookkeeping and accountancy services and a client business.

    Bookkeeper: terms and conditions

    1 Review

    A comprehensive contract for a self employed bookkeeper to present to his or her clients. The template is suitable for a wide range of services that a bookkeeper might provide from record keeping and accounts preparation to business advisory services.

    Retainer agreement: freelance marketing professional

    Standard retainer agreement with a freelance marketing professional. Useful for international arrangements too.

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